A little bit about Prime Trading, LLC

Prime Trading, LLC is geared to the serious trading professional who is eager to take their craft to the next level. We are a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm with global ties to Europe, Asia, and South America, assuring that our traders have a solid international base for maximum earnings potential.

Prime Trading, LLC is a well-capitalized, established proprietary trading firm specializing in the trading of Futures and Options in Treasuries, Energies, Grains, Softs, and Metals.  We are a member firm of CME, NYMEX, CBOT, COMEX and ICE. We also are active on B3 (Bovespa), OSE, EUREX, and in US cash equities, giving our traders access to all venues they need to maximize profits and grow.

We provide a comfortable, simple, and relaxed work environment. However, this casual setting should not be mistaken for an offhand approach to trading. Having been around for more than three decades, we understand the volatility of the markets and take risk management very seriously, resulting in a secure base that promotes productivity and an open atmosphere that promotes personal growth along with camaraderie and collaboration.